ERO PROJECTS is a consulting collective which helps projects with incredible potential transform into what they truly wish to be. As Director of Digital Strategy, I oversee identity development and strategic communications - crafting clear, concise stories which command attention and drive growth. From team development to global penetration, our consultants consciously create the future – and my guidance informs all internal and forward-facing content and communication. Connect with ERO, to see how we grow clients into their greatest possibilities.

MOOD MEDIA is the world’s foremost authority on experiential marketing. I honed their forward-facing and B2B content and marketing materials, and wrote ongoing blog/published content for several years. This involved extensive research into the successes and failures of experiential design, as well as the psychological impact and effects of marketing on consumers and businesses, globally. Here’s a brief sample of my performed work.

CERTIFIED ORIGINS is a global producer of fine contemporary foods, with a strong focus on sustainability. As lead consultant for their recent rebranding, I helped them craft an organizational Manifesto informed by the values of their community members and employees, worldwide - then focused on realigning both their domestic and international presence to reinforce and reflect their commitments. Their voice development, language style guides, sales collateral, and forward-facing content are all directly attributable results of my work.

ST JUDE MEDICAL has conducted world-renowned research, developing life-saving medical tools and devices for over forty years. During their recent rebranding as Abbott, I worked with a team of more than 80 writers, all focused on converting the extensive and widely-dispersed legacy presence of St Jude into an informative and focused contemporary hub.
My role included project oversight, production, and editing of all domestic and international content for Disease State Management of Cardiac Arrhythmia. This included translation of thousands of pages (including research findings and technical content) into forward-facing information intended for both physicians and patients. In addition, I wrote and revised product and procedural details intended for hospitals and surgical administrators. The project was executed and completed within rigorous time constraints, with strict adherence to global health regulations and legislation - while maintaining the standards of diligence and excellence for which the organization is known.

SIGNIANT’s intelligent file movement software helps the world’s top content producers and distributors ensure fast, secure delivery of large files over both public and private networks. Through the launch of Media Shuttle, I wrote forward-facing content for Signiant's Cloud and SaaS Services. I produced web copy, case studies, and sales collateral - which helped convey the value of their product lines to current and prospective clients. This white paper is an excellent example.

BELLUCCI PREMIUM is an internationally-acclaimed producer of ethically-produced extra virgin olive oils, interested in positioning as a contemporary lifestyle brand. As a consulting Digital Strategist, I guided them through extensive rebranding and realignment of their global presence. From voice development to content management, I oversaw all aspects of forward-facing communications - including style guidance, web content production, and direct supervision of social media efforts. My most significant accomplishments were initiation of content analytics, a data-driven social media buildout, and establishment of the Pour More content library. (All content published from site launch to September 2019 is directly attributable work.)

IST RESEARCH conducts government-funded research into global security issues. As part of their research and development team, I worked under the direction of DARPA, conducting linguistic analysis used for investigation into the realm of human trafficking. I was subsequently offered the role of scrum-master on the MEMEX Summer Camp Program, overseeing planning and execution of IST training for federal officers. This role involved remote coordination and scheduling of facilitator orientation and training, as well as preparation for user demonstrations and training.
Effective cross-departmental communication (as well as coordination of multiple governmental organizations, divisions, and law enforcement jurisdictions) was critical to the successful execution of this project.

CORION is a Swiss-based cryptocurrency group, focused on creation of a stable-rate coin. I conducted pre-launch voice development and content strategy for their token, honing and developing the written communications used during pre-seed and ICO. My work helped them reach their initial funding goals, and establish a presence in the fin-tech space.

LITKIT delivers experimental and independently published literature, writing devices, and creative prompts to writers and lit lovers. As a founding partner, I’ve participated in all aspects of brand development, from conception to current iteration. Interested in learning more? Click here, and GET LIT.