Mindful Breathing (a meditation for Lumosity)

The practice of conscious breathing is a valuable tool for encouraging mind/body connection. In fact, science has proven that mindful breathing can deeply impact both our focus and physiology, by stimulating the body’s parasympathetic response.

Meditation which concentrates on the breath can benefit your heart, immune system, and digestion – in addition to providing a calm and relaxing experience. Incorporating deep breathing into your daily mindfulness practice can help you improve focus and concentration while supporting your body's ability to cope positively with stress.

Remember, from birth to death, your breath is a constant companion. Devoting a few moments each day to conscious breathing supports your health, while encouraging feelings of mindfulness and wellbeing.


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This meditation was created as a demo for Lumosity. Both written and audio versions are the original invention and intellectual property of m(V)k, dba Inventivist, and should be treated as copyrighted works.