5 Minute Goal Setting for a Great Day

I’ve never been much good at maintaining a morning routine — but practicing this little daily ritual helps me focus on simple, achievable goals — and set the stage for a great day.
Begin by muting your phone, and setting a 5 minute timer. Grab your stickies or notebook, and follow these easy steps.

  • Take five slow, steady breaths. Close your eyes, and inhale deeply — then exhale completely.

  • Jot down three words which describe how you’d like to feel. (Mine for today were: focused, confident, grateful)

  • Choose one goal. Write it clearly and simply.

  • Count five more breaths, and envision yourself completing your goal.

  • Close your ritual by by taking a moment for gratitude. Fresh air, warm socks, or coffee — honor one thing which makes your life lovely. There’s always something to be thankful for!

Place your goals somewhere you’ll see them throughout the day. You’ll find that visibility alone will reinforce the mindfulness, focus, and appreciation you feel in this moment — boosting your efforts throughout the day.
If today’s goal eludes you — be kind to yourself. Give credit for what you’ve accomplished, and try again tomorrow.
When you’ve met your daily goal successfully, celebrate! A small step each day brings you closer to living your best life.